About US

Oargo is all about supporting the rowing community. We offer niche products that we think will help make life in the rowing world easier. 

Oargo is a product business but we want to build a community that creates engaging content and provides support to rowing in NZ. The sport is tough but that doesn't mean the environment we create around the sport needs to be that way too. We have found that the people involved in rowing are some of the best. We have also found that the time we spend around the sport is often where our fondest memories are made. We want to foster this and encourage the sport in the best way we know how.

Oargo is a small business with two people driving it, Jeff and Brooke.

Jeff is an ex NZ rower and competed at Under 23 level where we won a silver medal in the men's quad in 2013. He is formally from Rotorua where he began rowing. At Oargo he is the enabler and helps make his fiancée's idea's come to life. 

Brooke is the other half of the duo and is the driving force behind the business. She is armed with a Business Management Degree that she wants to put to good use. She has recently competed at the Tokyo Olympics and came home with a silver medal in the women's double. 

Reach out at any time, we are here to help :) 

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